20 July 2010

9: Of Masks and Home Decor

"Although I know it's unfair I reveal myself one mask at a time" - Stephen Dunn

These words are so true...at least they hold true for me...I often find myself donning different roles and personalities with different groups of people. Anyway moving onto masks as home decor, I am almost always instantaneously drawn to them as I feel every mask has a culture, an emotion associated with it. I have collected some wall masks over a period of time and I must say I have grown extremely fond of them as there is something unique about each of them.

The oldest mask I have is an African tribal mask, which is also incidentally the very first piece of home decor I bought in the U.S. It has been with me through the last seven years and has been a part every house I've lived in, so you can guess...I am emotionally attached to this one..

The other two favorites I own are two Balinese wood dot pattern masks that I found in an antique store. Must say I love the fine dot pattern on the "Prince of Java" mask

This was a carnival mask I picked up in New Orleans

Last but not the least, a serene Buddha mask...nothing more soothing than the calming face of Buddha

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