12 August 2010

25: Home Decor: The Color Blue

Over the last two months I have been loving the color blue and its use in home decor. And being color blind it is one of the few colors that I can easily recognize :). While the lighter blues sure gives a very fresh, "spring-like" feel to the house, the darker blues have a more royal or classy look. Blue can be balanced with warm colors like light green, orange, yellow or brown.

The color can be integrated as blue walls..

or as blue wallpaper...

or just accessorizing with blue...

(All Images copyrighted to House Beautiful and Better Homes and Gardens)
Any way that it is used...I love the look of cool blue at home....it also reminds me of my grandma's house in a little town in India which was also painted in a shade of light blue. In ancient India, houses were painted blue because it was said that blue deflected the heat and kept mosquitoes away. :)

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