17 August 2010

28: Home Decor: Chalkboard Walls

I love chalkboard walls. I know chalkboards walls have been around long...the trend has become a big decor idea again this year and I think it is an amazing way to keep changing the look of your room. It is a brilliant way to let out the artist in you or anyone else. It sure was fun as kids to let your imagination run wild on a little chalkboard and then just erase it all if u don't like it and start fresh.. isn't that such a joy to do the same thing on a whole wall at home.....a whole wall to unleash your creativity....where you don't have to worry about messing up an art work...

Here are some ideas of chalkboard walls at home that I love:
From the Anthropologie Catalog,
From Apartment Therapy,

Martha Stewart shares this idea of mixing black chalkboard paint with color and making custom color chalkboard paints - great idea for people whole don't like the idea having a whole wall painted black.
Colored Chalkboard wall  from Raising Olives,
I know this is an idea that does not appeal to everyone....What do y'all think, is this something y'all love or y'all think it is too messy.


  1. I love this idea! I'm thinking of doing the door from my dining room into my kitchen as a chalkboard. Thanks for the ideas! I linked your blog to my post about chalkboards.


  2. I love chalkboards - except for all the chalk dust they create!


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