06 October 2010

62: Home Decor: Silhouette Frames

Pretty little silhouettes to adorn your walls...West Elm has a range of new silhouette products from frames to pillows to votives. West Elm has teamed with Mike Miller, a well-known photo collage artist.

Silhouettes frames were originally used in the late 1600s to give personalized mementos to people. Now they make for a great home decor idea. Some silhouette frames used as decor from Country Living,

Frames from artist Katie Sokoler,

Frames from http://never-without.blogspot.com,

Though these frames can be bought from stores, love the idea of making your very own personalized silhouettes of family and friends you love..Will follow up with a post of DIY silhouette frames soon. Happy browsing until then....xoxo

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