29 November 2010

99: Home Decor: Daybeds

I was recently asked what the favorite corner in my home was....and I instantly said my daybed (Divan)....I absolutely love lounging on it... a daybed with loads of cushions in bright colors somehow adds a sense of warmth and coziness to any room...

This is the favorite place in my home :)

Wanted to share some of my favorite daybed pics that I have collected over time.....

Passages Over
A Mindful Home
Luxury Home Design
Anne Sage
Country Living
I Like Design
Calypso Home
Do y'all have a favorite corner in you home....do share pics and ideas.. would love to hear from y'all....


  1. I Love your space! especially that stack of books underneath you lamp! Would you be open to a home tour over on my blog? Let me know...


  2. thank you G!!! that is super sweet of you....I am currently working on some projects on the house and would love to share the pictures after that...also I must warn you that my house is really tiny (a 1 bedroom apt - 700 sq ft) not much to show :)

  3. Yo priya! nice daybed and nice glam shot.. i have been trying to incorporate just this in our space and failed :/ Didnt find the right dimensions.. Are you using a twin bed?

  4. Appu...a twin bed works perfectly... another key thing I discovered was using a rug below the mattress gives some structure and definition to the whole look ( I use a bamboo floor mat, with just 1/4 of it sticking out from under the mattress)...and ofcourse loads of cushions....(I have 10 now.. 4 just did not seem enough!)...:)

  5. oh and once you are done with Gagans blog.. dont forget to send me some pics as well...

    That day bed is gorgeous!!

  6. That's awesome Priya, looking forward to connecting with you once you feel you're ready! :)

    PS: I've lived in tiny apartments, and I think that that's where the true fount of creativity lies....it's SO my style! You have a lovely space!



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