16 January 2011

121: Home Decor: Wall Decor

Peeps....wanted a honest opinion on the golden branch I put up on my dining room wall...the last couple of weeks I have been working on a few projects around the house....the golden branch was one of them....I loved the idea when I started working on it...but after I got it on the wall, I am a little unsure...if it actually looks good...what do y'all think....yay or nay?? If nay..is there something I can do with this pretty little branch that I worked so hard on finding and shaping it into this form...look forward to suggestions.... :)


  1. I am so in love with that branch. It looks awesome! I would even love to see a bird or two on that branch :)

  2. Priya, It looks awesome. I've always wanted to try that (I have a wall in the bedroom that will look spectacular with one of those).

  3. Paddi: Sweetie, thanx for the suggestions will definetly try to implement it...

    G: Thanx...I am completely happy with what I ended up with, need to make some changes...

  4. Oh my gosh!! Its totally gorgeous!! I am a huge fan on wall art.. and anything as creative as this.. is totally to admire!! Hats off.. to you.. .for trying this.. Its amazing!!

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