27 July 2010

15: Side Table Made of Books

What do you all think of this? I needed a side table to place a lamp in the living room. The hubby asked me to find a temporary solution until we found a perfect side table to go with the rest of our decor. I had previously piled up some magazines in the bedroom, which I kind of used as a side table. I tried to do the same thing in the living room and for some reason the table made from thinner magazines didn't look good holding the lamp on it. So I decided to make use of all the big fat engineering books from school which have been nicely resting in a box in the closet for the last five years. (I'm sure my professors and my smart and able engineering buddies who still use these books for work, would be appalled to see this.)

I think I like this look and may as well make this a permanent fixture and not look for a side table anymore. Do you guys think this is a good idea?
I looked around and found others who had similar ideas,


  1. Big LIKE! And I love the crooked style of placing the books.

  2. Thanks Rashmi!! I love it tooo...and am happy to have got those books out of the closet :)

  3. yup...priya...definitely a big thumbs up!:)

  4. Thank you, El..glad you like it..

  5. Love it... thats a cool idea.. but as long as you don't need to dust them regularly :-) that would be mammoth of a task.. there is hardly any dust around your house..so big hi-fi to that.

  6. Glad you like it Keerthi! I have already had some friends who want to swap the engineering books with me :)

    I am now looking for some good ideas for a coffee table....Mr.Someone doesn't want a coffee table.. we fought over it the other day :P


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