28 July 2010

16: Faux TTV Photographs

I stumbled across these TTV photographs on my absolute favorite site...www.etsy.com

I absolutely loved these TTV (Through The Viewfinder) photographs.....love the haziness, the aged look, the feel that these pics belonged to different era...TTV photographs are quite literally photographs taken through the viewfinder of another camera. There are quite some TTV enthusiasts you will find on various online groups...I quickly realized that taking original TTV images requires some investment in camera and equipment. Looked around some more and found "Faux" TTV photographs. There are some online sites that allow you to take a regular picture and make TTV photographs with them.....

Found Elsie who used these pics on a wall in her house. Love the idea and the lovely photographs....

I am so inspired now that this is definitely going to be a weekend project of mine. If any of you have already experimented with faux TTV photos, please do give me pointers or do share your work..

Watch out for my attempt at this...coming soon...until then happy browsing....

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