19 July 2010

6: A Bright and Cheerful start to the Week

My very first attempt at painting with water colors.....I have definitely seen kids do a better job than this..but i am just excited that I got started :)

Made me realize have every brush stroke has to flow naturally through you hands, I had quite some trouble getting the strokes right..and then add to the fact that I am color blind....I had to keep asking my sweetie what each color was...An increased respect for every artist out there...its only when you start doing it do you realize how talented these people are.

I made the promise to myself that I shall keep at painting until I get really good at this...

Have a great great blessed Monday...


  1. Reminds of my first painting (ofcourse last as well)..I have an itch now!

  2. :) Hope the itch is a good itch :P get started then...


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