15 September 2010

47: Pretty Little Things (this week)

..Pretty little things on my wish list....can't help but love them...can't get my eyes off of them :)

From Anthropologie

Book boxes..storage with the look of vintage books..perfect!
Collection of Vintage Mirrors
Elephant Salt and Pepper Shakers..sooo adorable
Vintage key bottle opener
Silhouette Votives
A pretty ceramic rolling pin...I can picture myself rolling out pies using this :)
From ModColth
How adorable is this over the door coat hanger..I WANT!
The amateur photographer in me really really wants these adorable cameras

Instax Mini 7S
A hot pink Diana 35mm camera..love it!!
This is my lust list this week....sadly no birthdays or anniversary around the corner...hope a certain someone is reading this blog and decides to give me a "just because" gift ...here's to wishful thinking..xoxo

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