16 September 2010

48: Sweet Potato Cupcakes!

I am super excited! The first time ever that I made cream cheese frosting and it was perfect!! loved it...I wanted to make these cupcakes after I saw them on Emma's blog. it sounded so exciting....had to try it...bought my ingredients after coming back from work and spent nearly two hours making it...with 2 trips to the grocery store in between, as I was out of confectioners sugar and buttermilk....but whew..finally to see and eat these beautiful little things...nothing beats that feeling....

I used a Martha Stewart recipe for these cupcakes (Recipe)

Ended up making some sweet potato bread too..

My house is now filled with the aroma of sweet potatoes....the smell of Fall...going to sit back, take in the aroma and enjoy a delightful cupcake...

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