14 November 2010

91: Roasted Chicken

Made my first roasted chicken today!! Totally yum...Followed an Ina Garten recipe, you can find here. Added some baked potatoes and sweet potatoes on the side and served the chicken with some Shahi Pulao...

Me and mah sweetie had a romantic candlelit lunch :)

Had such a great Sunday....a lovely lunch followed by some Starbucks coffee and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin....bliss...Starbucks sure captures the holiday spirit so well....just did not want to leave there...


  1. Never tried roasting a whole chicken myself, your dinner looks wonderful---that crispy layer! Yummo!

  2. You definetly should try it G...It is super easy..I am planning to do a Indianized tandoori version of the roast soon...maybe we should plan on doing it together and let each other know how it goes.. :)


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